Why Us

There is a general lack of expertise about sign language interpreting among professionals that makes it difficult for interpreters to find assistance in managing the day-to-day stressors, demands and traumatic exposure that is inherent in interpreting. We have been providing therapy, training, and support to sign language interpreters for 25 years.

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Who We Are

Resiliency Resources is a multi-disciplinary team of professionals trained to provide specialized services to interpreters.

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What We Do

Resiliency Resources focuses on the human factor in interpreting. We serve as a resource for interpreters by offering counseling, mentoring, debriefing, consulting, and training to assist and support them in enhancing the quality of their lives while they perform this demanding work.

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Dr. Ron LybargerAbout Ron Lybarger, Ph. D.

Ron Lybarger, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist, has been providing a wide range of mental health and psychoeducational services to D/deaf and hard of hearing individuals for over 20 years. He also specializes in the psychological, physiological and emotional aspects of sign language interpreting. Dr. Lybarger holds degrees in Sign Language Interpreting, Addiction Studies, and Counseling Psychology. He has extensive experience in the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of mental health and substance abuse among D/deaf, hard of hearing and hearing individuals.

Dr. Lybarger has been involved in the development of many educational, prevention, and treatment resources.  His work has included the debriefing of hundreds of sign language interpreters following work-related traumatic exposure.  Dr. Lybarger frequently presents at National and International conferences.

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"At Resiliency Resources, our mission is to provide interpreters with education, information and support to enhance the quality of their lives and improve their self efficacy, resilience and mental health.  We are committed to specialized, compassionate and individualized support for sign language interpreters." -Dr. Lybarger