Individual Counseling

There will be many times when you can identify and resolve personal issues via self-care, education and support from friends.  However, in some circumstances it may be necessary to reach out for professional help. Our therapists will guide you through the process of identifying issues, accessing resources, and facilitating recovery.

Individual counseling sessions will be conducted via video / telephone technology and facilitated by therapists with specialized training that address the unique needs of interpreters.

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Clinical Evaluations

Our clinical evaluations are conducted by a licensed psychologist.

Frequently, the nature of interpreting triggers deeper emotional and psychological issues or exacerbates pre-existing mental health conditions.  Information from evaluations will be used to make recommendations for an individualized recovery plan.

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Critical Debriefings

After interpreters are exposed to a traumatic event, their recovery is contingent upon effectively debriefing and processing the psychological and emotional nature of the trauma.  We offer specially trained psychologists who are available to conduct formal debriefings following a traumatic experience.

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On Site Training / Workshops

We offer a range of onsite trainings and workshops that can help your staff increase their resilience to the rigors of interpreting, improve their coping and problem solving skills and aid in their recovery after a traumatic exposure. See our list of training for Supervisors & Interpreters


We can help you maximize the productivity of your staff by objectively evaluating the workplace environment, making recommendations for improvement and providing education and support to help maximize the potential of your interpreters.

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