Interpersonal Dynamics for Supervisors

Supervisors are frequently challenged to help their employees cope with the day-to-day rigors of sign language interpreting.  When employees are affected by personal tragedies, exposed to traumatic events, feel burned out, or become depressed, the supervision process becomes increasingly complicated.  This workshop will equip supervisors with information to assist them in debriefing and evaluating employees’ needs.

Debriefing for Supervisors & Managers

Call center managers, supervisors, and agency directors are frequently on the front lines by helping interpreters process exposure to trauma.  This type of work is generally outside their training and expertise.  This workshop will help participants understand the nature of traumatic exposure.  It will provide them with new skills to help de-escalate and stabilize interpreters.  Supervisors will also learn how to monitor employees after a traumatic event, help them recognize and understand how to pursue ongoing stability, and inform them about outside resources.

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